"Christopher Scott "Chris" Plummer" is an England/English former professional football (soccer)/footballer, and former manager of Conference North side Corby Town F.C./Corby Town and current manager of Peterborough Sports F.C./Peterborough Sports.

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It's important to match the club to the golfer.

The manufacturers come here with a huge selection for people to try. It's a good chance to hit some balls and see what suits you.

We can fit a beginner for length, grip and club head speed.

The lower the kick point, the higher the ball goes.

These are clubs made to replace the longer irons in the set. They are a cross between a wood and an iron in design.

Titanium heads also have more of a trampoline effect. They bounce the ball off the club faster so the ball has more speed and goes farther.

They also are more forgiving and have a bigger sweet spot than the traditional irons.

We have more left-handed golfers here than any store I've been in. We can use all the technology, give them the same fittings.

The biggest change has been the titanium head driver. They're lighter, stronger, and go farther with the same swing.