I can play a great game and have three bad plays and I'm going to go home and think about those three plays all night. Out of 70 plays, I'm going to think about three plays. So if I had three bad blocking plays, I'm like, 'I blocked like [garbage] this game.'

[And after coming on strong late last season, expectations have risen: The Redskins have made Cooley an integral part of the offense although the results haven't yet come.] I'm happy with where I am as a player. I feel confident, ... I'm disappointed in my production personally.

A lot of big plays happened when things broke down, ... The linemen picked up their blocks and guys got open.

Mark's always good for something like that, ... He's serious, but we're out there having fun, too. We'll be 10 plays into a drive, and he'll say, 'All right guys, I'm just going to fumble this one, because I'm tired and we'll get off the field.' Or 'I'll just throw a pick and we'll try to score in less plays next time.'

I would be [angry] right now. Personally, if I played and got ready all offseason and in one game [was benched], it would be hard for me to say, 'Okay.' But he's handling it fine.

It's just a matter of what gets called, that's as far as it goes, ... Whatever gets called is what we're going to run, and we haven't called a lot of intermediate stuff like that. That's how it's been so far.

We walked off the field in Dallas and it was the greatest game ever.

It was an opportunity for other receivers to step up, ... They did.