I can see how mental kicking is now. A lot of schools and the pros don't want to put money on a kicker until they see him. It's someone they don't know yet.

The response has been absolutely fantastic - it has been overwhelming.

(Fans) shouldn't be worried. That game is under the belt, and all the jitters are out.

From the 10th grade until now, I've learned a lot more about college and how things worked. I really thought I could get a full scholarship wherever I wanted to. Unless they really need one, they won't offer you.

Being 30 years old, thinking this is probably my last four year cycle before I move on and do something else, I was pretty worried that it was going to be a career-ending injury.

It was kind of rough. I felt I needed to be out there and help out the team. I felt that I wasn't helping out.

When you hear people taking three hours, it raises a lot of questions. And I think the academic staff and everybody doesn't want to raise the issue and have somebody call them. Or have the NCAA call them again asking what is going on.

I think it's just a reminder of the high price our friends and relatives are paying in this conflict.

We've got some great coaching, the level of funding and support is going up within U.S. skiing, and we're getting some results to speak of. It just shows all the hard work that's been put in on both sides is really paying off.