Only 10 percent say very unfavorable after 20 years of work.

Gov. Rell has every right to bring anyone she needs to into the state of Connecticut to help her raise money, but John McCain is not going to be able to do anything about the fact that Connecticut is last in job growth in the country and has 71,000 children who don't have health care coverage.

We think the convention is wide open.

It would have been nice to have it locked up at this point - not really for our sake but for the sake of the political process in Hartford.

She seems to have a knack for finding loopholes for herself.

He does not support the repeal of the estate tax. It's simply not true. I have to step back and wonder if there's something else at stake here.

People consult from any location on something that's on the drawing board and well before any construction is commenced. But he's running the studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, full stop.

Just from a pure fundraising capacity, we're trending in all the right directions, significant increases quarter over quarter and beating our competition by significant margins. He's got the ideas, he's got the political momentum and he has the money on his side.

Clearly the momentum is in our favor.