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It has been a lot more fun racing since those guys got into it. It's made better racers out of all of us.

Gary Ballough

We've got snowmobile races and go-kart classes for all the kids. We have a class for just about everyone who comes out, from those just starting out to those more experienced racers.

Bob Demesy

Our product is close competitive racing. Our fans love the fact that on any given weekend, 20 to 25 racers have a legitimate chance to win a race.

Andrew Giangola

All of us were the best racers of the day, I don't feel sad at all. We learn by other races that you never know until you finish. One day it happens to me, the other day it can happen to Lindsey. This is the game.

Tanja Frieden

We're going to bring some of the best short-track racers in the country to one of the finest short tracks in the country. The pairing couldn't be better.

Tony Cox

We're still racers. It's fun, but you want to win.

Stanton Barrett

We want racers, former racers, officials, former officials, crews, press, and especially fans to come out for the farewell party.

Les Kynett

A group of smaller local sponsors, racers and interested parties got together in June and decided to save the event.

Larry Hopper

She's been our most consistent racer this year. We have faster racers, but she's been the one who has completed the most races.

Bill Madsen

There's been so much learning on the job for the small firms, and that's hard to replicate, ... It's not the kind of environment the full-service firms are used to. It's like asking horse-racers to drive Ferraris.

Bill Burnham

Racing against SNC is entertaining to say the least. We can't even compete against the caliber of racers that SNC has. They're always on top and they always show us how we should be skiing the course.

Chris Newton

Eric Heath turned some heads today. Counting all the meets he had the fifth best time of the day in the entire league -- beating some big-time racers in the process.

Tom Busta

We have had cases where the racing community, some of the Honda racers, we know they're buying stolen parts.

Thomas Santos

Kenny is a racer's racer. And racing is what the Wood Brothers are all about.

Eddie Wood