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To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.

Adelle Davis

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We've seen an increase in obesity in men and we've seen an increase in overweight in both boys and girls.

Cynthia Ogden

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Prevention of childhood obesity needs to begin before a woman ever gets pregnant.

Pamela Salsberry

Obesity is high in this country for adults and for children, and it has to do with diet and the choice of food. Physicians must confront obesity where they can and not have the weight of government on them as they do it.

Terry Bennett

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An effective battle against obesity should be fought with personal responsibility in health care, not by government decree.

Rep. David Frizzell

I could have gone for gambling or sex addiction, ... But I went for obesity because of the tremendous impact it has.

Nora Volkow

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There was lots of information available about the impact of childhood obesity but relatively little on girls' attitudes on contributing factors like health, diet, weight and exercise. So that's what the researchers decided to focus on.

Marcia Barber

Obesity is a health risk impacting all our communities and we are encouraged by the commitment community leaders have made to actively participate in this program.

Arturo Vargas

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You're not going to be able to find one thing that is going to be the be-all and end-all in obesity in kids. I don't think any one thing is going to have a strong effect, but if we don't start to do some of these things now, we don't have a chance in hell of reducing obesity.

Cathy Nonas

Substantial reassessment is needed of the importance of obesity for cardiovascular disease in most regions of the world.

Salim Yusuf

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Obesity is a major modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Bryan Keane

The big health problem in the country today is diabetes and pre-diabetes obesity .

Arthur Agatston

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Dieting is dangerous. Ninety-eight percent of people who have eating disorders say it started with a diet. And fad-dieting is a leading cause of obesity later in life.

Jessica Cunningham

We're addressing heart health, we're addressing obesity. Products like Smart Start and Kashi are dealing with that.

Jim Jenness

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We are staying away from food, especially fast food, because of the obesity problems in the schools.

Daniel Shearer

Obesity is a very serious problem. It's not going to be solved in the courtroom.

Lisa Rickard

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The real solution to childhood obesity lies in changing our built environment. There's no other way to approach it.

Dr. Goutham Rao

It is a disaster that is happening. We have made so many health advances that are being obscured and diminished by the increase in obesity and overweight. If not for that, there would be stunning achievements in good health.

Meir Stampfer

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When I meet vegetarians who might have diabetes, pre-diabetes or massive obesity, I tell them they would be better off if they gave up their Vegetarianism.

Robert Atkins

Failure to contain the present epidemic of obesity may accentuate the expected age-related increase in dementia.

Dr Rachel Whitmer

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