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Nutrition . . . has been kicked around like a puppy that cannot take care of itself. Food faddists and crackpots have kicked it pretty cruelly . . .

Adelle Davis

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Our goal is to drive growth and innovation in Europe by investing in the three core categories of Ketchup, condiments and sauces; infant nutrition; and meals and snacks.

Joe Jimenez

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If you're riding for more than an hour at a time, you need some kind of nutrition to keep you going. The food should be high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Energy gels and bars are good choices, but not all cyclists can tolerate these during their ride.

Catherine Kruppa

There is no one I have ever known who personified more the loving, caring universal mother figure. She was always studying nutrition, child care issues ... and constantly looked for ways to better her care of either her own children or the ones she sat for.

Margaret Johnston

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It's not just our interest in giving children quality nutrition because they deserve it. For children to learn where their food comes from, they have more gratitude for it.

Delphine Douglass

We're really not doing much different. Mostly we're doing a lot of nutrition stuff, trying to stay off caffeine.

Paul Goodwin

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We do hit nutrition quite a bit in our schools.

Brad Rose

We talk about everything, like nutrition. He keeps a log of all his workouts. It's a father-son bonding thing.

Bob Pazitney

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All school food should be good food. School meals should be an important source of nutrition for children, especially those from low income households.

Suzi Leather

Good nutrition and exercise improve the function of the whole body in every way.

Lauren Thomas

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We know from talking to [our customers] that nutrition information is key, and now it will be on our packaging as we literally put it right into our customers' hands.

Jim Skinner

This initiative seeks to retain and grow existing companies, give first to new animal health and nutrition ventures, and attract new companies.

Joerg Ohle

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Biotechnology has the potential to create value for our company and customers, and no doubt will fundamentally change the business areas of nutrition, agriculture and specialty chemicals.

Hans Kast

Our mission is to be the leading-edge supplier of healthy pet foods for dogs and cats. We have helped some of the most finicky eaters, but more importantly, we have helped thousands of dogs and cats live longer and healthier lives through proper, advanced nutrition.

Ron Mayert

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When the resources finally hit rock bottom, which is very close, then you'll see a precipitous drop in health and nutrition status.

Peter Morris

Mr. Tools is now 85 days out and is doing extremely well, ... He's eating on his own, his nutrition is not what we want at this point but it's improving.

Laman Gray

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The intent on doing this was to try to get around the faddish diets. The theme is based on behavior, nutrition and physical activity.

Robert Eckel

It's a win-win for our customers because they are getting the same great french-fry taste along with an even healthier nutrition profile.

Mike Roberts

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Beginning nutrition education in early childhood is an important part of helping to ensure that children will achieve healthful lifestyles.

Robert Earl

Tumors need nutrition and blood. If you can target this vasculature, you can attack cancer.

Chandra Sehgal

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