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That's extremely unusual. It's something that, throughout the world, when you talk to moose biologists, you just don't see.

John Vucetich

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It's a wilderness hunt. You're at the Arctic Circle when hunting moose.

Denny Geurink

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If this range expansion continues, we're probably going to have more moose than in pre-Colonial times.

David May

We didn't know what Moose Jaw had or where they'd run, but we weren't too concerned with them. We were watching the Class A schools and were happy to finish in front of Minot.

Clint Chamberlin

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Seeing the moose come over, underneath the helicopter, you just kind of get butterflies in your stomach.

Heather Hill

All of that development scattered across the landscape _ we focused on bringing it to Rockwood and Greenville and Big Moose Mountain.

Cathy Johnson

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Moose and black bears both have been reported in a variety of color phases.

Jeff Selinger