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That's extremely unusual. It's something that, throughout the world, when you talk to moose biologists, you just don't see.

John Vucetich

We have moose around town as well as bear, elk and mountain lions, but we don't have moose attacks. It was a freak thing.

Gene Stover

If this range expansion continues, we're probably going to have more moose than in pre-Colonial times.

David May

The Moose is still in charge. We're just hosting it.

Jamie Bartolotta

A moose head is something to be proud of -- something to mount and show off.

Diana Cabrera

Seeing the moose come over, underneath the helicopter, you just kind of get butterflies in your stomach.

Heather Hill

We would be the Montgomery Moose Lodge.

George Weber

Moose and black bears both have been reported in a variety of color phases.

Jeff Selinger