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However, it is clear there is a misperception about our intent.

Joe Laymon

There is the misperception that all of coastal Alabama suffered the same type of damage that impacted Mississippi, and that's not the case.

Lee Sentell

There's always been this misperception that a lot of people thought you are making money on pandas. That has never been the case.

Christina Simmons

The Koreans, one of the problems is they feel -- it's a misperception -- that they are looked down by the Americans towards them.

John Kim

Media coverage of these dramatic killings has created a misperception that schools are dangerous.

Vincent Schiraldi

The first big issue is 'if', because a lot of people are still talking 'if' - and that's a fundamental misperception.

Allison Mcgeer

It is a misperception in the business community today that women have gone through the glass ceiling. They have not.

Betty Spence