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It could be hours, or days before the miners are rescued.

Steve Milligan

We had some extraordinary people here back in those days. Those miners were rough and tough, but they had hearts of gold, too.

Howard Tritz

When I saw that on television, it just broke my heart because I know what those miners go through.

Doris Wilson

I have never heard one good thing in comments from miners about that area.

John Sparkman

As a result 13 underground miners are presently unaccounted for.

Roger Nicholson

People are betting on strong earnings growth for miners, and the argument is that metal prices will stay firm, if not climb up.

Peter Wright

We were deceived. The miners were peaceful. I always thought maybe some miner started it.

David Roberts

This is the first one I've been involved with where miners were trapped.

William Garay

The twelve miners have been located and are being moved to the surface and their condition is being assessed while they are being moved.

Tom Hunter

I'm a believer that we do not have enough air on these miners to get them safely out of harm's way. That's what the government should be guaranteeing.

Joe Main

There were people getting killed in there left and right, and he would explain how they got killed. A cable broke on a hoist and the whole thing fell clear to the bottom, things like that. A lot of miners were also killed by falling rocks.

Barry Kibler

We wait 45 hours to rescue miners and it's too late, but the Legislature under the prodding of our governor acts in eight hours.

Robert Rupp

This had never been done before. He had no precedence. He was working with hard rock miners.

Dj Garrity

There's some legs left in the miners, at least in the medium term while metals prices hover not too far from record levels.

Donald Williams

The miners had to run out of the mine as the water pored in, and it reversed the flow in a canal and shrimp boats were breaking lose.

Donald Owen

Time appears to be on the miners' side.

Glyn Lawcock

You can't expect miners to come in and testify about unsafe conditions in the mine when you have their employers across the table from them.

Tony Oppegard

I've never really done anything like this at the Miner's Claim before. We've really stuck to the status quo there.

Christian Harra

Yes, it bothers me tremendously. I'm not sure how many miners went and was able to live as long as my father had, which I'm sure most of them did, and it really bothers me because it took them so long.

Ann Merideth

All of the money brought in will go to the families of the miners who died in the two accidents and to the survivor. It is a group effort, and lots of folks are involved and should be thanked.

Carol Baugh