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Some Asian companies are using Dubai as a logistics hub or a distribution center. We would like to see that grow to a full-fledged manufacturing center.

Arif Mubarak

Our logistics worked well generally, up until 2005. We couldn't imagine how something that big and complicated could happen. It took a process that worked OK and stretched it, and we got to see all the cracks.

Jack Mcguire

Our company is on the move but we elected Arkansas first because we just like the logistics of everything.

Brad Akins

We work with all kinds of logistics providers: freight forwarders, customs brokers, export and import specialists, warehouses, and carriers.

Philip Greenfield

That thing's going to need clean towels and champagne brought up, there's that logistics issue there.

Jim Baker

Then, we'll put the logistics of the athletic piece together next.

Rick Dickson

That's an indication of their confidence in their logistics and fulfillment to get the orders to their customers in time. The last thing you'd want to do is not deliver a gift on time. You will lose a customer for life that way.

Scott Silverman

With all of the logistics, it was very overwhelming, but it all worked.

Carol Potter

The contracts are all done, now it's just a matter of logistics.

Robert Sweeney

Device-makers use free logistics as a way to compete. The down side is that doctors, because they are not paying, have no incentive to manage inventory tightly.

Chris Holt

Logistics decisions are so critical to real estate development now, and ports are the critical link in the supply chain.

Dr. John Martin

The idea was very simple: Can this company -- the best logistics company in the world -- do something to distribute health and wealth?

Peter Bakker

In the era of globalization, an airport is no longer just a place for aircraft landing. It should also serve as a logistics centre.

Liu Zhiqiang

There are a lot of logistics to planning the space so you can include all the utilities you need.

Kurt Conner

We want to attract the world's best logistics companies. We will also try to get foreign bank loans for this project.

Liu Zhiqiang

We hope that in five to 10 years, several Chinese logistics companies will develop into large-scale multinationals.

Xu Shouzhen

A lot of the rogue movers you've heard about don't bother with legal logistics, so they probably won't have an authorization number.

George Bennett

Not surprisingly, logistics become quite a big thing when you're working with ice.

Heidi Bayley

There's a lot of logistics that need to be worked out, ... We'll deal with it.

Keith Henderson

The logistics of campaigning when the people live in Houston and Memphis ... would be an incredibly expensive campaign. This is an empty city, a city without people.

Susan Howell