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That could reduce the population by 200 inmates, ... The judges are supposed to come in soon.

Doug Anderson

It is a great new day for the parish of Acadia to begin addressing these concerns, ... … We're not all angels, and they (inmates) need to be treated properly.

David Benoit

It's scary to have all them inmates with all them children around. I'm not saying that they are going to attack the children, but there's always that chance.

Patrick Miller

He's in his own cell all the time. He doesn't mix with other inmates.

Sue Livoti

That approach is like letting the inmates run the jail. Reviews like this should be done independently of departments.

John Key

Prior to the chair, (detention officers) would have to put on rubber gloves and go into (the inmates') bodies.

John Turner

Most inmates with an escape under their belt are housed under our highest level of security.

Michelle Lyons

Everyone is afraid the PCs are going do dehumanize inmates.

Jeff Power

It affected him when there were suicide attempts, and he ministered to inmates.

Karen Williams

Inmates began rioting ... to protest the transfer of the two inmates.

Nasser Jawdeh

Because of the incidents before, they had seen inmates be transferred so they thought that was a good idea.

Dina Tyler

In the buildings, the inmates were using broken broom handles and crutches and they were ramming the employees with laundry carts.

Terry Thornton

I don't think that's right. Why are (the families of inmates) being punished?

James Mcdonough

I don't know what differently you can do with security because at times, there are 250 to 400 inmates brought to the courthouse every day.

Craig Schwall

You can't say that, 'Today I am going to feed this number of inmates'.

Nathan Mpoza

We've got 57 certified beds and we run an average of 100 inmates on weekends, over 100 inmates a day.

Sheriff David Haggard

A couple of injuries were also reported among the inmates.

Nasser Judeh

You don't hear inmates rocking and rolling.

Robert Aguirri

Both had been model inmates.

Jack Ford

The female inmates care about their kids. It's very good for the inmates. It gives them some kind of hope that people on the outside care about them.

Tom Chapman