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37 quotes about inmates follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

That could reduce the population by 200 inmates, ... The judges are supposed to come in soon.

Doug Anderson

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We're in desperate need of beds right now. We have more inmates than we've ever had -- it's an all-time high.

Terry Thornton

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He's in his own cell all the time. He doesn't mix with other inmates.

Sue Livoti

I doubt that it's rehabilitative to compel inmates to fight with one another and then shoot them and kill them.

Catherine Campbell

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Prior to the chair, (detention officers) would have to put on rubber gloves and go into (the inmates') bodies.

John Turner

Inmates have a lot of time on their hands in here and learning is a way to make good use of their free time.

Johnny Smith

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Everyone is afraid the PCs are going do dehumanize inmates.

Jeff Power

We have a crisis right now. We're out of bed space in the jail. Right now we're having to house a lot of the inmates out of county and that gets to be expensive.

Ben Sciortino

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Inmates began rioting ... to protest the transfer of the two inmates.

Nasser Jawdeh

Inmates think one of two things when they come here. They either think of it as a catastrophe or as a challenge. Those who think of it as a challenge do well here.

John Birtwell

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In the buildings, the inmates were using broken broom handles and crutches and they were ramming the employees with laundry carts.

Terry Thornton

The blaze razed four or five blocks that housed the male Indonesian inmates.

Abdul Aziz Hakim

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I don't think that's right. Why are (the families of inmates) being punished?

James Mcdonough

I don't know what differently you can do with security because at times, there are 250 to 400 inmates brought to the courthouse every day.

Craig Schwall

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We've got 57 certified beds and we run an average of 100 inmates on weekends, over 100 inmates a day.

Sheriff David Haggard

He is not safe there. Other inmates probably see that justice is very selectively applied and feel that they can behave accordingly.

Anton Drel

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You don't hear inmates rocking and rolling.

Robert Aguirri

We want to foster these inmates' growth as people.

Kyes Stevens

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The female inmates care about their kids. It's very good for the inmates. It gives them some kind of hope that people on the outside care about them.

Tom Chapman

We're packed in a facility that was built in the 1970s. I can't remember a time when we didn't have inmates on the floor.

Karen Daniels

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