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The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.

Bess Myerson

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One does not fight corruption by fighting corruption.

Daniel Kaufmann

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I honestly think he wasn't aware of (any corruption). It's not something Ed McNamara would have ever condoned.

William O'neil

The corruption of people is to behave in an inhuman way.

Alan Bullock

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I think the corruption issue is going to stick to them.

Bill Peaslee

Unfortunately, corruption seems to be part of our DNA.

Jorge Chabat

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Republicans can?t duck from Rep. DeLay?s legacy of corruption.

Toby Chaudhuri

This is interesting. Usually corruption doesn't even come up in polls.

Clay F. Richards

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We will help the poor. We will stop corruption. We will accelerate delivery.

Tony Leon

Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today.

Olusegun Obasanjo

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Human face of corruption.

Sam Katz

The Nam Cam scandal is the mother of all corruption scandals.

Carlyle Thayer

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We now have a national reputation for corruption.

Chris Redfern

It's nothing new to see we have a corruption problem. We need a change of administration and change of thought.

Ron Gidwitz

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Culture of corruption that the Republican Congress has fostered.

Bob Menendez

We need extra time to prepare the affidavit, and to prepare the appeal against the corruption case.

Christopher Fernando

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It's not only justice, it's poetic justice. The corruption scandal broke the back of his supporters.

Peter Kornbluh

That's the culture of corruption -- when you can get money anonymously and there's no accountability.

Tim Phillips

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The primary message will be the corruption in Washington and needing to change Washington.

Tessa Hafen

There was clearly corruption in the city. But there's corruption in every city. If you look at the people that Bill Campbell brought in, he had no reason to suspect the corruption.

Jerry Froelich

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