Canada's official languages program is arguably the most successful affirmative action program in history.

Bruce Hicks

When the US sneezes, Canada says, 'gesundheit.'

Jules Carlysle

When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me. I said, "Well, what do you need?"

Stephen Wright

Barrier after barrier is what our parents in Canada are faced with.

Debra Mayer

The last time we were (in the Olympics), we got kicked in the can by Canada.

Natalie Darwitz

Health Canada said I'm not on the list, so I must be illegal.

Tom Shapiro

It's going to be a great game as always when Canada and the U.S. play.

Melody Davidson

Few people even realize that Canada has a rainforest.

Ian Mcallister

Canada: A few acres of snow.


Canada certainly has a lot to bring to the table.

Jim Garvin

We're the only remaining traditional barber school in Canada.

Mark Stewart

If you're going to the casino, I'd probably bet on the U.S. and Canada.

Natalie Darwitz

We also have birds from South America, Guatemala and Argentina. We have here an Alaskan brown bear and a black bear from Canada.

Tommy Armstrong

There's no other way to paint this. It killed Canada.

Ron Maclean

I didn't even think I'd play football again, to be honest with you. Then I got a call from Canada.

Mike Sellers

There's no physical border (between Canada and United States) when it comes to air.

James Connaughton

I love America' - whilst performing in Canada.

Charlotte Church

In Canada we may actually be stronger in freestyle skiing than we are in hockey.

Warren Tanner

By our standards, this is normal here in Canada.

Brian Mulroney

Even the Canada Games are headed that way.

Kevin Quinn

Canada is being irresponsible by allowing so many seals to be killed.

Rebecca Aldworth

Americans are a decade behind Canada when it comes to sex education and understanding their bodies.

Sue Johanson

We're in the planning stages with the United Kingdom and Canada.

Simon Langford

In Canada, it only works in a little more than 50% of the cases.

Peter Gibson

He apparently felt safe enough here to not go to Canada.

Wendell Lauth

As far as I know, the only place where human and animal laboratories are together is in Canada.

Stanley Lemon

We have that chance, even if Canada is a very strong team.

Hannu Saintula

I was asking for a lot. I was asking to equalize (tax rates with those in Eastern Canada) and this obviously doesn't do that.

Norm Facey

This time around, there are not only more U.S. stores in Canada, but the Canadian stores appear to have more products than you would find in the U.S..

Hart Hodges

We thought we might go to Canada first, but we're not now. I think I might bring it in in 2008.

Stephen Daldry

Canada may even regain G7 leadership by the end of this period.

Warren Jestin

We just beat Canada. What more can I ask? Beating Canada at the Olympics. I wouldn't have thought that possible even yesterday.

Joel Retornaz

I don't even know what street Canada is on.

Al Capone

I'm not going to go to far, if I do, maybe go over to Canada. I haven't been there yet.

Marcus Bell

The whole episode brings shame to Canada.

Mark Glover

I saw a notice which said, 'Drink Canada Dry' and I've just started.

Brendan Behan

This issue is precedent-setting for every border region across Canada.

Bob Mills

Canada has never been a melting pot; more like a tossed salad.

Arnold Edinborough

Canada is aiming for that goal. It's the greatness of our country.

Stephane Dion

It's great for our team. It's great for Canada.

Kristina Groves

Ooh, Canada, exotic.

John Hughes

Canada was just too talented and just too skilled.

Mickey Goulet

These are the wintering birds from Canada — they think this is the warm spot.

Tedor Whitman

We have a lot of knowledge in Canada about how to make great ice.

Cathy Priestner Allinger

He broke the law in Canada and so if we are going to let him be charged he should be charged here, where he did the offence.

David Mccann

The No. 1 threat for Canada going forward is the U.S. dollar.

Rick Egelton

Canada is not really a place where you are encouraged to have large spiritual adventures.

Robertson Davies

Racing in Canada would be so much fun.

Patrick Carpentier

I really think Canada should get over to Iraq as quickly as possible.

Paul Martin

Somebody got asked if Montana was part of Canada.

Brad Von Bergen

He seemed to have the whole package. Canada must be proud of him.

Kirk Pengilly

It's also illegal for Americans to buy drugs from Canada.

Peter Ashkenaz

Be sure to ask him about Puerto Rico beating Canada.

Jose Oquendo

It knew all about it. There was no problem, they were admitted to Canada, their visas always renewed.

Randy Hillier

The aliens were charged as much as $35,000 apiece to be smuggled from their home countries through Canada to the U.S..

Leigh Winchell

They have been all over the United States and much of Canada.

Vincent Delisi

Most of our supplies that come today, are coming from our paths in Canada.

Nick Stavropoulos

You're looking good Canada!, ... You're sounding good too!

Tim Mcgraw

We came out and played our game. We're in Canada, the gold stays here in Canada.

Justin Pogge

We know that against Canada, you only have a chance when you pay with the same money back. I think we did well.

Jakob Kolliker

It was unbelievable for me to win against Canada at the Olympic Games.

Ayumi Onodera

If we're confronted with targets on the ground in Canada, we're going to do what we have to do.

Jack Hooper

It will cost let's say $200 dollars, same drug, same manufacturer... in Canada will now be $125.

Warren Rolen

Seniors aren't the only ones who use drugs from Canada.

Stephen Schondelmeyer

Canada is a very interesting place at the moment. There's a lot of new exploration.

Carole Lee

Canada looks to be a buy not only against the U.S. dollar but the euro as well.

Jack Spitz

He warned me I'd starve in Canada as a filmmaker.

Barry Avrich

We are absolutely delighted that Hockey Day in Canada is coming to Stephenville.

Tom O'brien

Bring Broadway to nearly 25 million people in New York and more than 140 cities across the US and Canada.

The League

Being in Baghdad and the SARS epidemic, which is up in Canada right now.

Bruce Snyder

I think we're going to come close to Canada at the end of the day.

Lester Crawford

A lot of people aren't even aware that the world isn't the same as it is in Canada.

Steve Jocz

It was great for Skate Canada to do that for us. They went above and beyond what most federations would do.

Jeff Buttle

Compared with our competition in the rest of Canada, we are in the average.

Richard Fahey

That doesn't happen. Those folks can go to Canada now. That just doesn't happen.

Rep. Michael Skindell

The opportunities to become an astronaut in Canada were far and few.

Julie Payette

It is as queen of Canada that I am here. Queen of Canada and all Canadians, not just one or two ancestral strains.

Elizabeth Ii

A U.S. court has no jurisdiction over this alleged conduct in Canada.

Edward Greenspan

It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw.

Emily Carr