I never miss an opportunity to meet kids everywhere in Canada because I'm a teacher by profession.

Each of us are a part of the problem and we need to be the solution.

We will discuss a post-Kyoto deal during the conference, but we're obviously not going to agree on a second phase with clear objectives right away, ... That will take several years.

What we have achieved is not at the level of what we have committed, ... We need to be sure we will be at the end as strong as we claimed we would be at the start.

Take the bus or the subway if you are in a big city, ... Don't use the shower so long. Don't use the dishwasher unless it's full.

Canada is aiming for that goal. It's the greatness of our country.

I would be very surprised if it was true. I was with British Environment Minister Margaret Beckett just a few days ago and she said that the prime minister had been misunderstood.

When we have to address an issue, we need to know that the people want us to do it in a sustainable way.

Canada must be a leader of climate change, ... It's important for us, for our north, for our role in the world.