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He's done a good job battling through things when he has to. He's there each and every week.

Jeff Saturday

We've got eight guys battling for the top six spots.

Jon Michaels

He's battling . . . he's fighting every day. There's no effort to camouflage or hide anything.

James Whigham

I was proud of our hitters for battling. We were strong all the way around.

Jana Mcginnis

To get up three on a team that's battling for the playoffs themselves is big.

P.k. O'handley

We have a lot of young guys battling for those other spots.

Steve Specht

We still have a chance, and we'll keep battling until someone tells us, 'You're out of it,'.

Frank Robinson

He was battling. He was throwing strikes and he had a lot of pop on his fastball. He was locating it really well.

Roger Ortmeier

That's desire. We were battling.

Vic Kintz

We keep battling all day. A lot of good things happened.

Joe Mcewing

They always found a way to win, they never settled. They always kept battling.

Perry Tyndall

We're still out there battling and putting pressure on them.

Kyle Lohse

I'm proud of the girls for battling back.

Rich Bishop

I was just battling. Trying to give us a chance.

Bryan Ball

These teams will be battling for a playoff spot. So they will be giving us all they have.

Mike Briguglio

We were battling a negative ice drift.

Tom Avery

The big thing was we were really battling injuries all year.

Fred Morecraft

You don't have much choice. You have to focus and keep battling as hard as you can.

Sebastien Caron

We've got a battling thing going on and that is what great players do. He is getting me better and I am getting him better.

Pacman Jones

Our kids are battling so I'm proud of them.

Tim Reinking

I thought I did a good job of battling. I got out of some jams.

Ricky Nolasco

We're battling an issue that we have no legal control over.

Patrick Anderson

It's so big because the team's battling out there and we're in a pennant race.

Sean Burroughs

I was just battling the at-bat before. I wasn't being patient or selective. I was a little too aggressive.

Jennie Finch