Ricky Nolasco
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"Carlos Enrique "Ricky" Nolasco" is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball. He is listed as 6'2" and 220, and made his major league debut on April 5, . He has also played for the Miami Marlins/Florida/Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers. He is of Mexican descent.

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The way I'm just going to take it is everything happens for a reason. I went out there, trying to get some outs. It was a tight game.

You can come to the ballpark and eat well.

That's all I'm thinking about every day. I like my chances.

I got off the bus, I noticed nobody had their luggage. 'Where are our bags?' I got to the lobby and I still couldn't find it.

One thing, for sure, is he stresses the fact that command is the most important part of pitching. He's not up there throwing hard. He's mixing up pitches and keeping guys off balance. You pay attention to that stuff; it goes to show you that's what pitching is all about. It's not about throwing 100 mph.

I thought I did a good job of battling. I got out of some jams.

They just wanted me to pitch aggressive, just like I was [doing to get] here in the first place. I may not have done that in Cincinnati. I was nibbling a little bit. I just went back to being aggressive with my fastball, challenging guys.