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The one area we've got to work on is the batters. They've got to show a little more patience [than in Pakistan].

Duncan Fletcher

She's one of our most consistent batters this year.

Catherine Hallada

I think he will be tremendous against left-handed batters.

Scott Hackett

She got to a full count with too many batters, but she came back and got them.

Sammy Day

They have their pitches that think a lot of first batters can't hit.

Melissa Hardy

Anybody's best pitch is the one the batters ain't hitting that day.

Christy Mathewson

I threw a lot of balls and walked a lot of batters. Not something I'm proud of, but something I learned from.

Randy Johnson

We can't walk (10) batters and hit (two) and expect to win. They got it done. We didn't.

Bruce Cimorelli

One pitch hurt me. I've got to do a better job of getting ahead of batters.

Josh Hancock

He has hit some homers off me and he has struck out. Some batters have better luck against some pitchers.

Jorge Sosa