In Boston, he was the face of that team. In New York, he's just a piece of the puzzle. He puts Jeter back in the No. 2 hole where he is tremendous. He's going to bring speed with the hit-and-run and his base stealing. I've always respected him as a player. But he has to earn my respect as someone in the clubhouse.

I think he will be tremendous against left-handed batters.

He said I would probably be a lot happier and smile a lot more.

Their payroll is outrageous, it's disgusting. I will be the first to admit that baseball needs a salary cap.

The Yankees' philosophy has always been quality pitching and timely hitting. I don't know if we have the pitching this year.

I just like the way they carry themselves. They do have a swagger, but they keep it in perspective. I like the way they keep themselves. They are clean shaven. There is no hot dogging. They don't admire home runs because they know Joe Torre will have a talk with them.