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I love the bathroom. It's one of my favorite rooms.

Renee Tyson

The only room in the house that does not have product is the bathroom. That is no lie.

William Bowman

I put them on every door I could find — bathroom doors, everywhere.

Dennis Hogue

When we have to go to the bathroom we just get a box. That's all you can do now.

Sandra Jones

Our bathroom window is covered by the flag.

Cassie Campbell

They should be able to zip a zipper, tie their shoes and use the bathroom. Sometimes you forget that they don't know.

Michelle Green

She thought she just had to go to the bathroom.

Chris Perkins

They had no place to get water, get gas, go to the bathroom.

Joan Harris

They said there was a garbage can in the processing room. Every kitchen has a garbage can. Our bathroom was far away from the processing room.

Gary Chu

But if they didn't have any soap and towels in the bathroom, I'd exit immediately.

Deborah Marciniak

If you can't manage in the bathroom safely, you're not going to be able to live independently.

Geoff Fernie

(S)ex scenes and bathroom jokes are my bread and butter.

Jonathan Ames

He brings her out here, and then he asks to use [her] bathroom.

Joe Warren

You're in this little sphere, it's really cold, and you really have to use the bathroom. But you have to put all that aside and do your job.

Joe Jones

If you don't get Schwarz in the bathroom, ... you've got no case and then there is no conspiracy.

Joseph Tacopina

It was like finding gold in the bathroom.

Matthew Harris

Hollywood is like Picasso's bathroom.

Candice Bergen

He was so mean it hurt him to go to the bathroom.

Britt Ekland

Mark was inside, in a small bathroom by the entry.

Vicki Crompton

Sometimes they just stop to go to the bathroom, and then they find it's going to cost them $5 to do that.

Rep. Lynn Kessler