He has maintained his innocence.

He allows the match to come to him and doesn't make too many mistakes. He and his brother are very good wrestlers.

It'll help us be able to let go. If we have to sell, I'd rather be selling to them, because they're talking about restoring it and I know they'll do it right.

Watching her inspires me to get better. I didn't approach the match any differently. In fact, I was a little excited. I don't think I swung any harder. She plays a very smart game out there.

We hate to give it up.

He brings her out here, and then he asks to use [her] bathroom.

He's been there a long time, so we're going to let him take it. He's got his coaching endorsement (certification). He's pretty well versed in softball, so we feel good about it.

DNA is incredibly helpful for us, ... It's about as a good as it gets for us.