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Looking at it come up from the water, I said, 'That ain't no bass. It's a submarine,'.

Tony Whitfield

If you play bass you'll always work. Every group needs a bass.

John Kolivas

He doesn't have a lot of those annoying affectations of modern jazz bass players.

Wayne Horvitz

The bass are in there. The big ones just weren't biting. The fishery is better than what it appeared to be.

Rick Lorson

You can feel the bass and the energy as you get closer and closer to the club.

Rande Gerber

He (Bass) has come up big all season.

Jim Drew

I wonder if I could make an electric bass.

Leo Fender

The second time, we decided to have it at Bass Pro, and it was awesome.

Vera Gibbons

That means we had 14 bass over 18 inches every hour.

Dan Stephenson

Let there be bass.

Leo Fender

He told me Lou might be looking for a bass player.

Jerry Brookings