It's definitely a destination water. People will drive a long way to get there. And, aesthetically, it's tough to beat.

I think, overall, the fishing is pretty good. But they're not as easy to catch as the pike are.

With fewer trout to stock, everything will be less. We'll need to do a better job with the waters we have. We have to look at the best opportunities for using fish and getting them to where anglers are.

On our waters in the southwest, we can expect good fishing up to Memorial Day, whereas in the southeast, it's usually only good to the middle of May.

But the strongest factor by far is water temperature. If the temperature drops, walleye activity will slow along with it.

We don't want to move away from opening day because we've found that 10 times the number of people fish opening day than any other time of year.

The bass are in there. The big ones just weren't biting. The fishery is better than what it appeared to be.

All we need is a couple of pre-spawn fish over 12 inches. We've had difficulty getting them from other sources.

Both performed well, in terms of angler trips per acre and angler trips per trout.