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We deflected a lot of passes and turned them into transition baskets.

Sherill Baker

What hurt us the most was missed key rebounds and easy baskets.

Alvin Copeland

They didn't have a guy who could guard me. When I could drive and dish off, we could get baskets.

Nate Roberts

We'll provide the bags so no baskets or bags should be brought.

Warren Rensehausen

We were 7-for-11 from the line in the fourth quarter and held them to only two baskets.

Frank Leafe

You always have to go. In a game like this you have to go (after her) and you can't give away easy baskets.

Chris Forster

He was getting some easy baskets inside and he hit some threes.

Chad Van Riessen

We didn't get back on defense and they got a lot of baskets off the transition or we put them at the foul line.

Rick Geiser

We didn't get the easy baskets we wanted.

Jeff Reis

She had to work for every one of her baskets tonight.

Debra Spencer

It's amazing to see all the baskets going onto the truck.

Terry Cooper

They did a nice job of moving the ball around on us. And they got some easy baskets because of it.

Chuck May

Defense is what carries us. It got us the momentum and it got us some easy baskets. That's how we got that run.

Joe Suboticki

We were breaking the press and getting some easy baskets.

Sean Ogirri

If we were going to trade baskets with them from that point on, we were going to lose.

Percy Wade

They made more baskets than we did, but we made more free throws and that's what won the game.

Frank Rossi

He was taking it to the rack and making big baskets.

Mike Szabo

We moved the ball around and had good offensive play ... hit some baskets.

Rob Barcus

Meg?s done that a lot for us this year. She?s hit some big 3-point baskets for us.

Mike Wenners

Alan Moran broke the ice. Those were two big baskets for us right there.

Dean Shaw

It's just a different day, same old thing. We couldn't find a way to get baskets.

Tommie Liddell

He (Tate) made plays. He got two big baskets for us when we needed it the most.

Mike Gillespie

She played very well and had some key baskets for us. She goes hard to the basket and played well on defense.

Paul Gerycz

We were just trading off baskets. We needed to get some stops.

Becky Hammon

That's what we've been working on — working on moving the ball around. We do that so we get the easy baskets.

Janisha Gearlds

We forced a lot of turnovers, and we were able to push the ball for easy baskets.

Shawn Sullivan