In retrospect, we won the game in the first quarter. We outscored them 19-6 and that turned out to be just enough of a cushion.

Our last three games with Hyde have been like this. So this was nothing new. I think we are playing with confidence now.

At this point we are starting to play more as a team. We've been waiting for that. And our seniors are taking ownership, which is also something we've been looking for.

Going into this week, we felt it was important to win both of these games. We felt we were better than both of the teams we played, we felt we should win, and I'm happy that we did. It ought to boost our confidence.

Adam was our sixth man coming into the season, but he's got a chance to play more with an injury to another player and he's done a nice job.

The good news is we got 30 free throws. We hoped to do that by using our height advantage and we did. The bad news is we made only 14.

They out-rebounded us in the second half. That's how they got back in the game. But we made our free throws down the stretch and it was really Nick Comstock who won the game for us.

They made more baskets than we did, but we made more free throws and that's what won the game.

(Westbrook) is a much-improved team from the first time we played them (a 57-26 T-Birds' win). I'm happy with the win but I'm not happy with the way we played, with a lack of aggressiveness getting the ball to the hoop. We couldn't finish them off.