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We're not looking to be the bargain basement provider.

Sky Dayton

I think he's been in every courthouse basement in the South.

John Hope Franklin

It's well known that many pop-up ads are close to bargain basement prices now.

Charlie Buchwalter

Off the rack solutions, like bargain basement dresses, never fit anyone.

Francoise Giroud

This is not a program you could do in your home, unless you can afford to have a full gym in your basement.

Kathryn Schmitz

We just ran to the basement.

Jerry Semple

The fire started in the basement.

Tom Young

Some people were frightened, ran to their basement, or ran out of doors.

John Cassidy

About twenty-minutes before the tornado got here, we got down in our basement.

Debbie Eaton

I would like to pack up his power tools from the basement.

Erin Groshek