It's almost past the time to use that as an excuse. Even just a week ago maybe that was still the case. Now, everyone needs to be ready.

We have some very good streaks. But we don't have the self-confidence to get ourselves past when things start to go bad. When they start to go bad, they seem to go worse. Right now, that's a big hurdle for us, to stop flows from occurring.

The fire started in the basement.

We're not really happy about the way it came about, but there's signs of relief that there are jobs here.

I think he has a lot more confidence . . . because you gain that confidence each year you are in it as a head coach. He's more confident because he's had success. In coaching, success breeds success.

We're a very streaky team. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's the beginning, middle or end. In this type of game, you score one basket in that 12-minute stretch you win the game.

It's an even smaller deal, given Microsoft's take on Java right now, which is that they're really trying to de-emphasize it in favor of other technologies, notably, XML for integration and their own ActiveX and other technologies.

This week's ruling is not a big deal; it's an extremely small win for Microsoft. Microsoft gets to continue using Sun's version of Java in their products.