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Most of my friends are smokers and they frequent different bars now.

Matt Ivens

I've lost only about 20 bars over the last six years.

Melanie Payne

Please, O ye Lord, keep Jim Bakker behind bars.

Dana Carvey

We also have salad bars at our high schools.

Ronnie Arnold

If we do, we can identify those individuals before they go into bars and kill people.

Sam Sutter

Of course I hang out at my bars, ... Why would I go to a bar to pay for drinks when I could go get drinks for free at my own place?

Greg Dulli

Two men look out through the same bars; one sees the mud and one the stars.

Frederick Langbridge

They were really down, but by the time we got to the bars, they were right back up.

Duncan Chase

I was playing in bars when I was 15.

Keith Lewallen

We have a couple bars in Nevada City that are more of a threat than that.

Nate Beason

Right now, American law bars the admission of aliens suspected of terrorist activity - but not of terrorist sympathies.

Richard Perle

We are going to see if she can come back on bars for the rest of the year. Until then, we're going to really miss her.

Britani Pittullo

I spent a lot of time between bars like this.

Tammy Duckworth

I'm relieved knowing the baby is back and relieved that [the suspect] is behind bars.

Marcella Anderson

If people are that bothered, they won't go to smoky bars often.

Jonathan Massell

When we got to the bars, we knew we had to step it up.

Raquel Turnbow

I will do what it takes to see that guy go behind bars.

Anthony Roberts

We will not rest until we see the suspects behind bars.

Walid Jumblatt

Where they have bars, we have parking. Tailgate. Bring your own party.

Brooks Boyer

We decided not to make as much money per bar and just make more (bars).

Chris Norton

That's the break-it-or-make-it deal. They (bars) have to be in.

Rex Wilmouth

We will have DUI patrols on the streets and downtown patrols in the bars.

Paul Mccurtain

We messed up a little bit on the bars, but these kids are fighters. They do not quit.

Karen Kuhlmann

Only night bars have televisions.

Marco Polo

I hope that he knows more, and I hope that now that he's behind bars that he will tell authorities what he knows.

Janet Pelasara

If all the bars in the city were that quiet, we'd be great.

Capt. Richard Spirlet