"Anthony John Roberts" Member of the Legislative Assembly#Australia/MP, an Australian politician, is the Government of New South Wales/New South Wales Minister for Resources and Energy and the Special Minister of State, since 2013 in the Mike Baird (politician)/Baird Baird ministry/government and the former Minister for Fair Trading in the Barry O'Farrell/O'Farrell O'Farrell Ministry/government. Roberts is a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing electoral district of Lane Cove/Lane Cove for the Liberal Party since 2003.

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Sometimes it appears that males believe that their responsibility is to be the provider of sperms and to impregnate women and then turn their backs on them.

Too many men are absent at the crucial time when they are needed.

The World Trophy team is capable of being right up there but, like a lot of these big events, you also need a little luck to go your way. The ISDE is not meant to be a walk in the park, but we are primed and ready to go.

I will do what it takes to see that guy go behind bars.

Whether Art's a good guy or a bad guy, it's not about who he is. It's about what he did that day, and he needs to be punished for it.

At a personal and team level, I hope that Slovakia will be a real watershed.

We're the last line of defense. We want to limit the big plays and get a turnover. That puts us in a better position to win.