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Barrier after barrier is what our parents in Canada are faced with.

Debra Mayer

Remove every barrier you can to fandom. A fan will be an evangelist for your work.

Dave Kellett

From every indication we have from interviews, he intended to hit the concrete barrier.

Capt. Lester Boney

Whether that barrier happens in 2016, or 2020, or 2024 is under debate.

Bernie Meyerson

The groups have to accept that price is not as much of a barrier to attendance as was thought by Primedia.

Gordon Patterson

After the 11,000 barrier was achieved last week there were some concerns.

Terry Cheung

The barrier does not require maintenance where you have to go out there and do something after it has been hit.

Scott Versluis

Right now, the biggest barrier to the Internet is the Internet itself.

Scott Alexander

A barrier is of ideas, not of things.

Mark Caine

To ask them to work 300 hours is impossible; but we got rid of that barrier.

Jan Reid

The bad side of it is a big chunk of our barrier islands will be gone.

Stanley Riggs

The primary barrier to doing this would be the money.

Rick Alexander

I want to know what the cause was, you know, did he come through his barrier or what?

Thomas Taylor

It's behind the hurricane barrier.

Max Isaksen

I don't think we have anything to gain by not scheduling it. If there were more of a barrier there, that's not a bad thing.

Bryan Roth

If there was a barrier in the center, people wouldn't even think about passing.

Bruce Jones

Over the last 10 years it's gotten to be less and less of a barrier.

Michael Vartan

There's no barrier to the Fed lowering interest rates significantly.

John Ryding

A big barrier is knowing what is out there.

Patrick Dean

Clearly the barrier to the use of the drug off label has been raised.

David Adamson