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I like them both. I've never had any bad barbecue. I love barbecue.

Bob Mcconnell

There are as many opinions on chili as there are about barbecue.

Lynne Simmons

All the tourists we find really enjoy that 'cause it is the Australian barbecue.

Leonard Davis

They can have a really good barbecue experience without being on one of the teams.

Ashlee Smith

That's my favorite thing about Texas, the barbecue.

Scott Caan

Last year they had more fun after the game at the barbecue.

Stephen Fitzgerald

It's french fry, barbecue... Donut...It really depends.

Jacques Chiron

Use a gas barbecue grill instead of charcoal.

Chuck Gates

We've got a barbecue, ... We're going to have a lot of things for the kids.

Scott Palmer