Best day of my life. I got my family here, helped me grow it all year, what else is there to say?

This is a fantastic show, and we are delighted that other venues across Oregon have invited us to bring it to their local audiences. We had such an overwhelming response from audiences in Salem, we just knew we had something special.

We were delighted that the show did so well, ... Audiences loved it and we had to add an additional three productions and were still turning people away.

With the controversy of getting the building built there was some opposition to it we just wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome.

I?m not in the business of excuses.

It's a little like a marriage. It's never just one side as to why it breaks up. The question is, can this marriage be saved?

I'll never forget any of that stuff.

We've got a barbecue, ... We're going to have a lot of things for the kids.