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It was like a balloon, that's what made me say I have to change.

Tom Degroote

Our signature event, ... is the balloon glow.

Kathy Parsons

It's a big ballooning family of friends.

Betty Brown

We can make balloon arrangements with dozens of balloons.

Sandy Prince

We would like to do the balloon glow Friday night.

Kate Houlihan

What is success? It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins.

Gene Fowler

That was our balloon that jumped over to Highway 96.

Michael Cox

We're like a balloon.

John Borden

The helium will contract... and that's when the balloon will descend. That's our hope.

Pat Barry

My job was to double for a little kid that was tied to a weather balloon.

Felix Silla

The World Is Your Balloon: The Decca Singles 1950-1951.

Ethel Merman