My size has never really been a problem. My only problem is reaching things -- and if I want to reach something, I will reach it.

I love Las Vegas. The people here are a lot nicer than they are in San Fernando Valley. Nobody talks to you there, not even my neighbor. The only thing I don't like about Las Vegas is the way people drive. They speed, they go through red lights like they don't exist -- everyone's in too big a hurry.

I've never had any desire to be 6 feet tall. I'd go around banging my head.

I do Christmas parties, and I've been a leprechaun.

I always left everything at the studio when I went home at night. It was just another job for me.

It took me six or seven years to really get some meaty parts. I stayed busy, acting, doing stunts and being a stand-in for child actors -- when the little kids go to school during rehearsals, someone has to stand in for them and do their parts.

Now there's a lot of yelling and screaming and hollering.

I arrived in New York City on a ship the day before Thanksgiving. It was freezing cold.

My job was to double for a little kid that was tied to a weather balloon.