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I was awfully curious to find out why I didn't go insane.

Abraham Maslow

We're awfully hot, we're awfully tired, there is no power.

Ann Jones

He's awfully proud of it.

Mark Few

It will be awfully tough. We have to come ready to play.

Steve Hart

It's an awfully difficult sectional.

Beth Vesa

You look to get value, but we got some awfully nice arms in that deal.

Rick Kranitz

We've set our goals awfully high.

Oliver Drake

I give that team credit. They're awfully athletic and when they get after it, they can put some pressure on.

Craig Beaucamp

I couldn't be happier. This is not my lowest round, but I'm awfully proud of this one.

Jim Rutledge

I never expected it, and I wasn't looking for it. But we're awfully, awfully fortunate.

Gerry Moore

We're very upset. The look and feel are awfully similar.

Larry Schwartz

Well Bob, you're awfully small, and I was but I said coach even if you kill me I'll die happy.

Bob Yates

It is awfully difficult to knock off an incumbent.

Ray Scheele

It's awfully hard for the public to absorb all these stories going on.

Bill Ballenger

She has been awfully old now for a long time.

Mary Scott

There's some awfully good things done today and some awful terrible things done today.

Carl Reiner

That was big. We were awfully aggressive.

Bill Herman

We knew coming in it would probably be awfully tough to come in here and beat them.

John Willy

Unfortunately, we aren't there right now, but if we were I'd be awfully happy.

Patti Mccormack

He?s an awfully good quarterback that happens to also be an outstanding athlete.

Glen Mason

The Elite Eight. That sounds awfully good.

Jim Larranaga

It'd be awfully hard for us to make 100 percent.

Gerald Okamoto

But they had a fight about it. That sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it?

Jon Meacham

It's going to feel awfully like winter.

Mike Rusnak

They're awfully good. They really are the No. 1 team in the country.

Dan Dersam

They're playing awfully well. They're shooting so well. They're just not missing.

Kathy Lanter

That guy, if he's not the first pick in the country, I'd be awfully surprised.

Elliott Avent