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I can't wait to get on that Avenue and dance on my little patch.

Bruce Forsyth

The avenue of consultation is gone.

Martin Chavez

We are doing the same thing now, but he's found a different avenue to do it.

Robert Daskas

There's no tree blockage anymore to homeowners on Landon Avenue.

Bill Weber

This is their chance to really shine with Madison Avenue.

Bob Dorfman

We feel very strongly that this is the only avenue we have.

Mary Walker

We wanted $3.4 million to get to Seventh Avenue.

George Pechtel

This is another avenue to assess those kids we don't have a lot of data on.

Todd Kolson

You have to have an avenue of addressing that problem for those who don't clean up the graffiti.

Mayor Marlin Townes

We need to be doing something with the Avenue heritage.

Bruce Williams

You give them a little avenue, ... and you saw what happened.

Alan Trammell

We're working every avenue we can.

Walter Baumy

One avenue we're exploring with them is jointly selling the team and the arena.

Andy Brimmer

He has been an outstanding kid. He has led some people to the Lord in that avenue.

Art Inabinet

I really think this will be a bombshell on Madison Avenue.

John Malone

It can always be transformed into an avenue of information.

Slick Rick

Buchanan (Avenue) was a raging river.

Barry Grigsby

I'd like to ensure every avenue is looked at.

Curtis Myers