We recognize that there are devices people already own that need to be connected, as well as connecting with future devices.

What's coming up in the future is very exciting but a little crazy for the consumer, ... Today there are no standards for various home devices to communicate together. So you'll see a lot of really neat technology appear, but the challenge for consumers is how to get it all to work together.

We feel very strongly that this is the only avenue we have.

We want every student trained to a specific standard before he or she ever goes into a clinical area. We're taking as much responsibility for stopping the nursing shortage as we can.

The child is believed to have been severely shaken.

Committed to defending the rights of all our men and women, whatever their beliefs.

These are the e-mails I have received, ... Some were anonymous. Some were extremely nasty.

Ultimately, there will be some standardization within communities, and it's not clear to consumers who will win in their areas.

This is perhaps a classic shaken baby case. There is the hemorrhaging behind the eyes and some other indicators that medical experts tell us that indicate that this is indeed a shaken baby.