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I don't need to think about anything. It's sort of automatic for me now.

Nick Sasser

We have recovered semi automatic weapons from him.

Karnail Singh

It's automatic, it's ingrained. It's something I've got to do.

Kris Freeman

There are no clip-fed or semi-automatic guns here. All of the guns are pre-1900 in design.

Alan Deal

Why a man can have access to a semi-automatic assault weapon ... what is going on?

John Fernandez

By third or fourth grade that should be automatic.

Stephen White

When you have a baby, love is automatic, when you get married, love is earned.

Marie Osmond

It was automatic. We were always on the same wavelength even before we started shooting.

Peter Falk

But there are no automatic penalties. We always look at facts and specifics.

Gene Marsh

We didn't want to set a precedent where an acquittal is grounds for an automatic reinstatement.

Warden Ramon Rustin

They're not as complicated to use as an automatic teller machine.

Taylor Eubank

It killed us early on. It's automatic to get that bunt down.

Jeff Schmidt