A great deal of work to do ... to try and begin the healing process. It's the same throughout our country, where we have to bring this kind of hate-driven violence to an end.

If you look at the technical side of it, you never have enough horsepower, so you're always going to work on getting more horsepower.

This is a fairly major initiative. They brought the experience that we needed to take on this project of this magnitude.

We have so many (hate) groups throughout the country, ... One only needs to surf the Internet to learn about most of them.

Why a man can have access to a semi-automatic assault weapon ... what is going on?

Our car is the Charger.

We've done our homework and we think we're going to be good with the Charger.

Going back to the car that we had last year and starting all over again, basically, with notes and everything, I don't think that makes a lot of sense.

It's nice, man. You got a lot of nice people, you know what I'm saying? Introducing themselves and trying to help us the best way they could. It's been lovely, to tell you the truth.