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I think I live in South Austin.

Cyril Neville

You could say Spencer and Austin carried us tonight on offense.

Joe Bair

It ought to be showing off Austin as arising in film making.

Bruce Todd

This is a substantial move on the part of Austin to get out there and get ahead of the technology.

Billy Shoemaker

I hope to play for Austin Peay one day.

Colter Dixon

There are lots of those folks in Austin.

David Stockert

If Austin is focused, he is very effective for us.

Mark Percy

Austin on the Plug-In Hybrid Scene .

Will Wynn

Austin is a two-way guy with great versatility. He possesses a great knuckleball.

Mark Machtolf

That's quite an honor for Austin. Especially for a junior.

Joe Kinnan

We're showing solidarity for the Austin music scene. This is Austin ... for Austin.

Nikki Rowling

We could have put Austin away with one or two more runs. They were down and dead.

Shawn Rychcik

Some of the guys were struggling a little bit out there. But Austin really helped keep us up near the top.

Dick Heckel

The whole Austin area is very supportive and giving.

Randy Kramer

This is actually signed by Stephen F. Austin and Branch T. Archer.

Chris Laplante

We're not going to be a rubber stamp for what someone in Austin says we should be.

Mike Davidson

Folks don't suddenly become tax hawks once they get to Austin.

Mike Schofield

I've been in Austin since 1986, and I refuse to let anyone else do my hair.

Stephanie Sullivan

This rose is going to make it home to Austin.

Jonathan Scott

He [Austin] was doing everything.

Roxanne Petron

Austin Steele came up big for us and played well.

Matt Davenport