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Our auction turned out real well.

Linda Helton

We just had so many people through that are just so wild about this auction.

Cathy Elkies

We have a great variety of items donated for the auction.

Renee Williams

We're certainly planning on being successful at the auction.

Bill Pallone

We're going to auction off televisions and DVD players and things of that sort.

Norma Allensworth

It depends on where the property is located and who attends the auction.

Wendy Wilson

Anymore, most auction companies have a Web site and you can preview a lot of items.

Billy Long

There will be something for everybody at the auction.

Irene Towell

Overall, this would stabilize the auction system.

Michael Ostrovsky

The auction came in much stronger than anticipated.

Scott Graham

We did this with the auction and a 25 percent sale at the store.

Melody Arnold

It looks like there is a very expensive auction coming up.

Patrick Comack

I pick up the phone and say, 'auction center,' because that's all it is.

Jolyn Duff

It was an average auction.

Frank Hsu

We're pleased with the auction.

Brookly Mclaughlin

We will sort and cull those animals we expect to sell at the auction.

Dick Miller

It would be the first dog auction house in the country.

Viren Sharma

I'd like to see the auction extended all night and into the next day.

Wes Lane

I was a rookie at this. I had never been to an auction in my life.

Karen Shemonsky

We do this in preparation of our auction that will be in November.

Dick Miller

It creates an auction-type of environment.

Andrew Wright

It's like you're at an auction and no one wants to buy anything.

Don Roose