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If we are attacked we can only defend ourselves with guns not with butter.

Joseph Goebbels

Ordinary people were attacked on their way to work.

Mary Murphy

The defense held them to 10 points and stayed aggressive and attacked well.

Mike Stellato

Alonso could have attacked Montoya at the end, but he could have also lost everything. We haven't won anything yet.

Flavio Briatore

My fear is that somebody may be attacked.

Joellen Dellamano

You're much more likely to be attacked by lightning or by your own toilet than you are by a shark.

Peter Benchley

You have a much greater risk of being attacked by a dog.

David Ropeik

We've never seen (Fisher) before. He attacked well.

Tino Reyes

Anything can be attacked in this political environment.

Aubrey Jewett

We were more active on defense. They [defense] didn't play conservative. They attacked things.

Cal Mccombs

He never attacked anybody. He never attacked her. I don't know what happened.

Dell Watt

Everybody wants to know why they haven't attacked.

Richard Clarke

It was a shame Carlos didn't make it when Heras attacked.

Bjarne Riis

I could've made less mistakes and attacked him more.

Rashad Williams