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We're assuming he's still in the area, ... That's where he's from.

Bob Merrill

Assuming we don't run into any problems, the Nest's should be done by the end of the summer.

Jim Carley

I heard a big thud. I was assuming we hit something or an axle broke.

Ron Glaus

I'm assuming we'll find some up in the backwoods, pretty far from where they belong.

Louis Cataldie

We're assuming that these folks will be coming here and staying here.

Alan Autry

We are assuming that the shock from a flu epidemic would be even bigger than from SARS.

Milan Brahmbhatt

I'm assuming it was money. It was a riot. I loved chasing him.

Archie Struthers

I'm assuming we'd survive [without him], but it would be a lot more difficult.

Larrie Del Martin

Were assuming that people want to come back to something with some value.

Dan Packer