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An idea is a feat of association.

Robert Frost

They are members of our association and they are participating in our tournament. I don't see it any other way.

Nina Van Erk

Because the National Rifle Association is opposed to it.

Jim Moran

More companies want an association with you. There are more advertising opportunities.

Stacey James

I have met almost all of my friends through the Village Art League and the Visual Arts Association.

Patty Krueger

It's like a homeowners' association on steroids.

Warren County

The Heart Association helped us bring it together.

Lynn Cooknell

It was a very short-lived association.

Naomi Robson

It's old, but it's hot. There's even a Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Angela Gordon

An association with Stieglitz almost certainly guaranteed fame.

Barbara Haskell

We hope the big companies will put pressure on the association.

Jackson Simon

This is something we've been trying to do with the Student Association for a while now.

Michael Orescanin

We're big friends of PACA (the Preservation and Conservation Association).

Sharon Owens

When we started the artists' association, we didn't know what was looming over us.

Valentina Lapier

We had a bed unit from the Baptist Association.

Jim Jackson

He didn't want to collect objects that had an association with death.

Karol Wight

It's a love-hate association with this bill in the industry.

Sen. Kit Jennings

We can no longer be simply a hiking association. We must reach out.

Paul Schubert

I saw the association with Palumbo, and I see where that association is going.

Evelyn Chiarito

Unrelated to the issue of free association.

Zhang Zuoji