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We just can't do this anymore without getting some assistance from the property tax.

Chancellor Henry Shannon

BEGGAR, n. One who has relied on the assistance of his friends.

Ambrose Bierce

There are times when a judge needs additional assistance.

Dennis Archer

We're trying to get some assistance because we want to be in Tampa.

Ron Campbell

Generosity gives assistance, rather than advice.

Vauvenargues, Marquis De

Already, six women have made use of the financial assistance.

Pat Loosen

To do so not expecting to receive any assistance from anyone else.

Bill Peterson

We're leveling the assistance that's being put out there.

Michael Widomski

We received 605 phone calls for utility assistance only.

Phillip Thompson

We can't make promises that we can give you assistance.

John Sparkman

If you can provide financial assistance, everything else pales.

Jesse Lutabingwa

In this case, firefighters were just one aspect of it. There were a lot of agencies there giving assistance in one way or another.

Ray Yeakley

The best assistance that can be given.

Peter Coleman

Your assistance would be appreciated.

Mark Fischer

We were a universe unto ourselves for several days. We had no assistance.

Valerie Englade

I gave him assistance with location. I was less involved with the application process, but he was on top of that.

Pete Guither

We have offered all assistance possible.

Philip Tod

Any assistance ... is helpful.

Suzanne Esterman

We're willing to accept all offers of help and all offers of assistance are welcome.

Fred Jones

The residents will be individuals who are here because they need daily assistance, but that are able to get about and do things on their own.

Chuck White

I think this assistance is too generous, it gives too much money.

Peter Fitzgerald

This is not long-term assistance. This is for immediate needs.

Denise Bishop

If the department or section needs assistance on the MOL program, they can come see us, or we'll go see them.

Thomas Hudson

If that paperwork is not done, you're not going to be able to get any assistance for anybody. That's key in a disaster.

Rick Ferreira

U.S. condolences and any assistance the U.S. can provide.

William Burns

Unfortunately, she didn't get that assistance, and she paid with her life.

Richard Hirsch

I just wished him the best and offered my assistance in any way I could.

Mark Bruener

We need the assistance of the law enforcement community here.

Joe Farren

There's a need in the community for assistance.

Mim Myren

Without their assistance it would be much more difficult.

Nancy Freenock

We want to a be a resource and provide assistance.

Carrie Sullivan

We'll go out and assist them when we're called for assistance. But it's not our practice to address problems if we're not asked.

David Tillinghast

She ran into brick walls everywhere she went for assistance.

Trisha Chamberlain

There was a request for police assistance but it was only that. That was the problem.

Marius Corpus

There's no way possible that we could have done what we've done to this point here without his help and assistance.

Bronco Mendenhall

Some of them actually qualify for public assistance themselves, and that's sad.

Evelyn Keating