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It's a tough, tough assignment. This is one he volunteered for.

Sheriff Darren White

The assignment was violent in nature and included a killing.

Rick Kaufman

That was my assignment — not making it so comfortable for him.

Brandon Jenkins

It will not only be an interesting assignment, but it will be therapeutic.

Leslie Jensen

We blew an assignment and she made the shot.

Jeff Sprouse

Why do I have to be subject to unflattering images when typing up an assignment?

Andrew Carter

For an old Army officer, it's like one last assignment.

Dave Reed

He's a proxy. If this man would have been called up that day, he would have accepted the assignment in a heartbeat.

Sally Regenhard

Every day [the assignment] got a little bit more dangerous because they got more guns in action -- they got a little bit more accurate.

Doug Price

The end came off the edge and I missed an assignment there. I didn't get my guy.

Cedric Benson