It's a tough, tough assignment. This is one he volunteered for.

We believe Mr. Astorga is desperate and on the run and very unpredictable.

He is armed and we believe extremely dangerous.

For most of us it made no sense. It made no sense whatsoever as to why somebody would shoot a deputy just doing a traffic stop.

Words cannot describe the heartbreak. We will not rest until we catch this murderer.

You ask yourself, why would someone confess to a murder that they didn't commit? We've got to treat it as at least credible. . . . There's no reason not to believe him.

Keep this family in your prayers. Keep these deputies - law enforcement officers - in your prayers. Some of the hardest parts of what happened last night are yet to come.

The pain of his loss is absolutely immeasurable.

We're following up leads. We're not going to rest until we find the person responsible for this.