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People have a right to be a citizen in all its aspects.

William Brown

She has just amazing analytical ability and experience in all aspects of development and transportation.

Dave Freudenberg

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the job.

Michael Austin

I was pleased with all aspects of our game.

Tracy Nichols

We have riders from all aspects of the community.

Valerie Cranford

The message is that all things are connected. We have animal aspects, anthropological aspects, plant-animal aspects.

John Dee

We're investigating all aspects of the cases.

Robert Kenny

We will be appealing for witnesses and going into all aspects of forensic examination.

Tom Davies

We don't have any determination whether or not it was a planned trip, ... We're looking at those aspects.

Richard Garcia

It's a scorecard of how the technical aspects of a company are going.

David Mcallister

I've always tried to explore the humorous aspects of life.

Ted Lange

It's dramatized, and the mundane aspects are edited out on television.

Holly Arnoult

Most education only focuses on the negative aspects of sex. That is almost criminal.

Dennis Martell

It has been a marked improvement with both aspects.

Allan Johnson

Vetted all aspects of the story with my editors.

Mary Mapes

We found a couple of undesirable aspects of the hardware.

Jerry Ross

We played well tonight. We played well in all aspects.

Bill Beard

He could relate to other aspects of life -- he could give advice on anything.

Paul Singer

All aspects of the arts.

Constantine Maroulis

I'm very concerned about the racial aspects of the current (redistricting) map.

Judson Hill

This is a way to celebrate all the various aspects of architectural design.

Erin Cullerton