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The test for whether or not you can hold a job should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes.

Bella Abzug

This year, we are going to more of a co-selling arrangement.

Murray Mitchell

Everything you'd find in a floral arrangement, we have something to resemble it in fruit.

Tiffany Moulton

Hopefully there will be some arrangement with the (State) Government in the meantime.

David Stanley

Not an arrangement.

David Harrington

I definitely see this as being a tax-driven arrangement.

Stuart Rossmiller

We're sure that they'll come to a satisfactory arrangement.

Brian Thomas

We're still hopeful that we can come to an alternative arrangement without the property sale.

Gail Myers

Our goal is for every song to have a new arrangement of instruments.

Mike Irish

We assume that the E-Stamp deal is not an exclusive arrangement.

Patrick Brand

No one is completely satisfied with the arrangement. But we all felt we could live with it.

Robert Mcnair

We have decided the arrangement is not good enough at this point.

Tim Roemer

I'll wait and see how the new arrangement goes.

David Warren

He loved the arrangement so much, he asked her if he could keep it as a memento.

Kathy Hendricks

I said to him that we would rather lose the bid than enter into that type of arrangement.

Bruce Baird