(Acquiring EMI) would allow someone to be a major player, being one of the big six music companies, so it's a unique property and it's one of a kind.

I definitely see this as being a tax-driven arrangement.

It's been less than successful, bordering on a disaster. After the $3 billion write-off they took for the poor performance of the previous management team, this summer must be a real disappointment to them.

If they're going to get a venture-capital rate of return on what has traditionally been a slow growth business, they will have to revolutionize the educational publishing market.

He's getting peace with the cable industry...Now, cable companies will entertain the idea of adding his start-up cable networks to their cable systems.

It's a very smart move particularly if you buy into the premise that it's actually fixed.

Viacom has expressed that they would like to reduce their debt by $3 billion to $5 billion in the course of the next two to three years. The radio sale of over $1 billion is the first step down that path which should allow the company to return to a solid, investment-grade footing.

Both sides benefit. Thermo King was the crown jewel. And, what's left is the power generation business with very large contracts particularly in developing markets, mainly in Asia.